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Appaloosa - Appaloosa 1969

Appaloosa - Appaloosa
Formed in Cambridge Massachusetts by teenagers John Parker Compton and Robin Batteau (vocals/acoustic guitar and cello respectively) and accompanied by Harvard Alums David Reiser on bass and cellist Gene Rosov, Appaloosa's self-titled debut album from 1969 is regarded as an obscure gem among fans of that era's so-called "folk-baroque" scene.

Produced by Al Kooper (who also played keyboards and some of the guitar parts on the album) and aided by Kooper's fellow Blood, Sweat & Tears members Bob Columby on drums and Fred Lipsius on sax, Appaloosa's delicate sound and teenage angst-ridden lyrics (all eleven songs were written by Compton during the previous two years while attending a "progressive" New York boarding school) destined the album to art rock obscurity.

Compton and Batteau went on to record another album as a duo, entitled Compton and Batteau in California, then in 1971 Compton released his first solo album, To Luna, which would not be followed until 1995 when Compton released Mother of Mercy.

In 2005 Compton, Batteau and Reiser reformed Appaloosa for a concert at Harvard University's Sanders Theatre and were said to be heading into the studio to work on new material.

Track Listing

Side one

  • Tulu Rogers
  • Thoughts of Polly
  • Feathers
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Glossolalia
  • Rivers Run To the Sea

Side two

  • Pascals Paradox
  • Yesterday's Roads
  • Now That I Want You
  • Georgia Street
  • Rosalie

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