Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cataloging A Collection Of Classic Vinyl LPs

This blog is intended to become a growing catalogue of classic vinyl LPs, beginning with the few hundred albums that I own, though I may expand to catalogue other albums once I've finished adding all of my own.
With each album listing I will include a photo of the album cover and try to include as much additional information about the album as I can, tracklistings, release year, anecdotal information about the artist or the recording and where available an approximate value for the record based on sales of similar condition copies on ebay or specialist record collector's websites.
The information may be a little sparse on some of the albums, especially during the early stages as I build out the listings, but I'll do my best to go back and update each album as and when any new info becomes available.  If anyone out there reading this has any other useful or interesting information to add about any of the records listed here please feel free to add a comment or link to us from your own blog posts about the records.

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